Mortgage calculator

Our handy mortgage calculator gives you an idea of how much you could borrow, what your monthly repayments could be and our mortgage interest rates.

Important information

Things you need to know

If you’re buying a new build property, the most we can lend you is 75% of the value of a flat, or 85% of the value of a house.

The illustrative monthly payment is only an estimate of what your monthly mortgage payment might be during the initial rate period.

By providing this information, we are not making any recommendation or giving any advice. This calculator only gives you an indication of the amount you could borrow, so the figure it shows could be different from the amount we will actually lend you.

Just so you know, this information doesn't contain everything you need to choose a mortgage. You’ll need to request and read the Mortgage Illustration (a document that tells you how much your mortgage will cost, as well as some other important information about the key features of your mortgage) before you make a decision.

We can withdraw or change our mortgage offers at any time.

Using the calculator

Figure out how much you could borrow

Our calculator estimates how much you can borrow for a mortgage by looking at your income (salary and any additional income) as well as your spending. You can select where you are on the property ladder - first time buyer, moving home or remortgage - and get mortgages options immediately.

First time buyers have an area to input a savings amount for the deposit, which you can adjust to see how much this information impacts your mortgage options.

If you’re moving home, use the deposit area to include the equity on your current home as well as any additional money you plan to put down.

Remortgage customers can use the calculator to compare our mortgage options with their current mortgage by providing details on what you have left to pay and on the value of your home.

Keep in mind that the actual amount we lend you may be different from what you see in the calculator, which may also impact your estimated mortgage repayments.

LTV, deposits, repayments and fees

Calculate your LTV

Our calculator includes an estimated mortgage loan to value (LTV) to help you understand your options and plan your mortgage. The LTV is based on the mortgage amount as well as how much the property you want to buy is worth. A lower LTV tends to yield a lower mortgage rate and a higher LTV tends to yield a higher rate.

Decide on the size of your deposit

Your deposit amount can play a big part in how much your monthly mortgage repayments are as well as which of our mortgages are right for you. Use our calculator to play with the numbers and see if what you have in the bank now is enough, or if you need to consider saving up a bit more.

Plan out your monthly mortgage repayments

Our calculator estimates your monthly repayments for each of your mortgage options based on the income and spending information you provided. Monthly payments are dependent on the term of the mortgage and the amount you can borrow. Your actual repayment amount may be different from what’s displayed here, as this calculator serves as a guide only.

Be aware of the typical mortgage fees

Our fees are displayed within your mortgage calculator results so that you can incorporate them into your planning. We have two types of mortgage fees, though not all mortgages will have both fees.

Fees payable may include a product fee, which can be paid upfront or added to the mortgage.

Make sure you weigh up your options, as mortgages with a product fee often also have a lower mortgage rate.

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