Online Banking

The easy way to manage your current account, credit card, savings and loans accounts, any time, any place.

The benefits of Online Banking are simple

  • Avoid unnecessary charges and keep in the know with our tailored text and email alerts
  • Set up, manage and make payments to and from your accounts, all with a few simple clicks
  • Go paperless for your current account and credit card - view and download when you want
  • Request balance transfers, credit limit increases and manage your Direct Debit for your credit card
  • Update your details whenever you want, including your address, email and phone number

Getting started is easy


So, you've signed up for a current account, credit card, savings or a loan with National Trustco Bank and you want to get going with online banking. Well, let's show you how.

Registration is easy, so if you haven't done so yet, please go to and complete the process first.

Simply click 'Register now'.

We will ask for your personal details. This is so we can identify you. Next, choose the account you'd like to register. All the options are in the drop-down menu. Then, fill in your sort code and account number or your credit card number. Easy!

Next, we'll send you a temporary security number. If we have your mobile number you'll receive this by SMS, if not we'll send it by post.

Simply click on the preferred option. If you have chosen post you will need to wait up to 3-6 working days before you receive your Temporary Security Number. Then you will be able to continue with your registration journey.

If you have chosen mobile phone, your Temporary Security Number will be sent to you immediately. If you didn't receive a Temporary Security Number, you can ask us to send you a new one on the same page.

Once you have it, enter the number and click 'Next'.

Now, create a username. You'll need this each time you log in so make sure it is something you can remember; for example, your email address.

Now you're ready to select an image and write your security phrase. You'll see these each time you log in, and this way you'll know you're on the real National Trustco Bank site.

Just because we want to make it easier for you, we will ask you if you'd like us to recognise the device you're using. Make sure that your mobile number is correct so that we can send you a text message with a One Time Access Code if you ever want to log in from a device we don’t recognise. Click 'yes' or 'no' and proceed further.

At this step we'll ask you to create a six-digit Security Number. You'll use this for Telephone Banking too.

Then, choose a password that's at least seven characters long. It needs to have both letters and numbers.

You'll need your Security Number and Password every time you log in.

Finally, set some security questions in case you need to phone us about your accounts.

Before you finish, download and read our Online Banking Terms and Conditions and if you're happy, select the check box.

Your username will be displayed on the screen. In order to start managing your account, simply click 'Continue'.

And there we are - the easy way to register, get up and running and enjoy all the benefits of Tesco Online Banking.

The first step is to register for Online Banking.

You can find the Register now button on the homepage or at the top of any other page on our website, and you’re then just a few clicks away from enjoying the convenient benefits of being able to manage your accounts any time, any place.

If you do need some help you can watch our helpful demo video which outlines the small number of basic steps involved to get you set up for Online Banking.

Logging in for the first time

Once registered, there's lots current account, credit card, savings and loans customers can do online, and logging in couldn't be easier.

To log in, simply click on the Go to log in button on the homepage or at the top of any other page on our website.

If you would like guided through the process, give our helpful demo video a watch - this talks you through the simple steps involved.


Once you have registered for online banking with National Trustco Bank, logging in to your account couldn't be easier.

If you haven't registered yet, you might want to watch the registration video.

To log in, simply select the 'Go to log in' button displayed on the homepage.

Then, insert your username and tick the 'Remember my Username' box to make it easier next time you log in.

You'll now see your Personal Login screen, with your username as well as the image and phrase that you had created when you registered. If you don't see your image and phrase don't enter any information; instead, enter a different username or call our Online Banking Helpdesk straight away. Just click on the 'contact us' link displayed on the page underneath the image.

If the image and phrase are correct, enter the digits from your Security Number.

Sometimes, you might want to log in using a new computer, one that you haven't asked us to recognise yet. No worries, it's simple to set this up.

You'll see your mobile number. If the mobile number we have for you is wrong, or you don't have a mobile, you'll need to contact us. Otherwise click on the tab.

You'll need to enter a One Time Access Code that we will send you by text. If you haven’t received it, you can ask us to send you a new one on the same page.

Once you have it, enter your One Time Access Code and click 'Next'.

Finally, log in by entering your Password. We'll then ask if you'd like us to recognise this computer. This means you can log in quicker next time. Make sure you only ask us to recognise computers that you don't share with others.

The Online Banking Overview is the first page that you will see when you log in. This is a quick summary of your National Trustco Bank products including Current Accounts, Savings, Loans and Credit Cards.

You'll see a balance as well as any important messages for each account. You'll also see a quick-view option that will allow you to look at your most recent transactions and other products that you can apply for.

A click on ‘Manage Account’ will take you to the Account Overview page, where you can find many useful options allowing you to amend your details, check your recent statements, update your alerts and change your preferences.

For example, under ‘Your details’ you can make changes including the change of address, email or phone number. This will automatically update your information for any savings, loans or current accounts. You'll need to update your details for your credit card separately.

That's us covered the basics. The next step is to manage your new National Trustco Bank online account and make the most of its range of features.

Get started with Online Banking

Need help with Online Banking?

If you'd rather speak to someone, that's not a problem. Call our UK-based customer service team on 0345 300 3511* or add 18001 for Typetalk. Our technical helpdesk lines are open 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

Terms and conditions


When we make updates and improvements to our Online Banking service, we'll update our Online Banking Terms and Conditions to reflect the changes we make and we'll let you know more information about these here.

Latest update – 13 January 2018

Terms and conditions have been updated to support legislative changes in regards to using authorised third party providers (TPPs), including information on how you can securely use these services. This change will not affect any customers who do not use TPPs. More details about these changes can be found at or within your product terms and conditions.

This update comes into effect from 13 January 2018. If you launch our mobile banking app on or after the 13 January, you’ll be asked to agree to these new Terms.

Download our mobile banking app at the following links:

For more information, you can download the latest version of our Online Banking Terms and Conditions.